Madeleine Johari


Madeleine began her career in marketing in Toronto and after several interesting years, decided to move in a different direction and pursue the world of food.  After connecting with a handful of creative food stylists and photographers, she saw where she fit in, and began working as a prop stylist. She has since established an extensive portfolio of tabletop styling for advertising, editorial, and packaging, as well as for over 20 published cookbooks.  Her eye for detail and resourcefulness has allowed her to work with several large Canadian brands.  She is passionate about hunting down interesting and beautiful objects, bringing them to set, and helping create an image that people will gravitate toward. Her style is always evolving as she draws inspiration from food and drink trends, photography, design, and fashion.

When she isn't unloading her car, Madeleine likes to spend time cooking, listening to music, travelling, and playing with her daughters, Willow and Ivy.